Thursday, July 07, 2022

Failed candidate Misty Dawson files suit against CCISD

Misty Dawson, probably the worst candidate to ever run for the Clear Creek Independent School District, lost the recent election by 43 votes. She has now filed a lawsuit calling for the election to be voided and a new election to be held. 

According to the petition which can be found here:

She seeks monetary relief of $100,000
Seeks to have the 2022 election voided
Seeks to have a new election
Claims there were illegal votes and some voters prevented from voting
Claims these votes total more than the difference in her loss

She is being represented by Eric Opiela. Opiela was the former Executive Director of the Texas Republican Party and their Associate General Council. I would bet the Texas Republican Party is funding this stupidity, maybe even Mike Lindell, as well as Scott Bowen.

Bowen had hoped for a 4th vote for CCISD President, or Vice President, or Secretary. He lost all three votes without Misty. Misty spent about $6000 on her losing effort not including the support she received from the Harris County Republican Party which as of today has not been reported. 

This is going to cost the CCISD taxpayers a lot of money as did the multiple whining sessions by Christine Parizo. Hopefully the district will escort Dawson out as they did Parizo.

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