Sunday, August 07, 2022

I'm moving! (To a different server)

I'm moving this blog to which is the same URL I have been using for years but this is now pointing to a WordPress site.

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Friday, August 05, 2022

The Republican Party returns to it's roots: Khaos. Korruption. Kruelty.

Back in 1992 I watched the entire Republican Convention. I remember saying "Phil Gramm bored me. Pat Robertson scared the crap out of me." Today's Republican Party attending the CPAC convention should terrify everyone.

CPAC used to be a convention for conservatives, people who believed in respect, honor, and dignity. It was the rally convention for the Republican Party. Today it's more like the KKK representing the party with Khaos, Korruption, and Kruelty.

Greg Abbott spoke at the convention and gave a standing ovation to their speaker, the extreme far right Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who warned about mixing races, the gay community, non-whites, and non-christians among other racist topics. The speech was nothing but racist.  

The convention showed that the Republican Party has returned to it's true roots of the KKK. They are nothing but Khaos, spewing lies about election fraud when they lose. They cause chaos just for the sake of causing chaos. They lie about everything and when faced with facts, they simply double down on the lies knowing their base are too lazy to research. 

They are Korrupt with many running for office with felony indictments like our State Attorney General Ken Paxton. They are running to the defense of over 800 charged with the assault on our capitol on Jan 6. They turn a blind eye to those who are breaking the law just as long as they are on their side.

And they are simply Kruel. Republicans love to intimidate, allowing 18 year olds to buy assault weapons and walk in public with them. They vilify those that seek a better life here in the United States. They separate children from their mothers. They talk tough. They act tough but are actually cowards like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley running away when faced with conflict. They enjoy pushing the envelope on decency, common sense, and honor. They are racist.

This is the old Republican Party. This is the new Republican Party.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Who is paying for failed CCISD candidate Misty Dawson's legal bills?

CNN recently aired a show, Deep in the Pockets of Texas, which highlighted the unlimited money donated to republican causes by just two billionaires. I'm wondering if that money is coming to influence CCISD elections.

Misty Dawson, who is "Morally Minded and Not Politically Divided" and who lost the CCISD school board election and has sued her opponent has closed out her campaign account after filing her last campaign finance report in June. In July she amended the report to keep it open. Her report did not disclose any payments for legal services to Eric Opiela, her attorney. According to the Texas Ethics Commission no payment from any organization has been made to Opiela for these services. Even if Opiela is providing the services free of charge Dawson must record the fair market value as an "in-kind" donation. As of today she has not.

So, who is paying for Dawson's attorney? It could be a number of people including State Representative Money Mayes Middleton the oligarch of Galveston County, or the Texas Republican Party or Harris County Republican Party although neither have reported this expenditure on their latest reports. It could also be Kathleen Wall who spent $6 Million of her own money in a losing Congressional effort. It could be State Representative Little Baby Briscoe Cain.

Or it could be Farris Wilks or Timothy Dunn the two billionaires in the CNN show. No matter who is paying for Dawson's attorney it must eventually reported. My bet is on Wilks and Dunn.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

League City Councilman butting into CCISD lawsuit

I do not know Justin Hicks, Councilman for League City, but he is meddling in the legal issues of CCISD and leading the crazies with false information.

After losing the election for School Board, Misty Dawson filed suit claiming (wait for it.....) election fraud, not against CCISD, but against her opponent, Jessica Cejka, demanding a new election and $100,000. At first the CCISD School Board could not agree on whether to fund the defense of Jessica Cejka. At the regular meeting a motion to fund failed by a tied vote with Trustee Scott Bowen leading the "no" votes and Jessica Cejka recusing herself.

At a special meeting this week the board voted to fund the defense of the School District since the lawsuit referenced the election that was conducted by CCISD personnel. Hicks, in a recent Facebook post, claims this funding is illegal. Hicks is an engineer and might have obtained his law degree from Facebook University. His post includes:

This is a violation of Texas Penal code Chapter 39.02, and it is likely a felony on

the school's part as well as for Jessica Cejka to accept the funds and help.

What I need you to do: Email the entire board and tell them to NOT use taxpayer

funds to defend a personal civil suit (felony). And also remind Jessica Cejka to

recuse herself from this vote as it is a HUGE conflict of interest.... Please do this

before Monday 7/25 and let the board know we don't appreciate this illegal and

unethical abuse of taxpayer funds.

After consulting with REAL legal counsel, the CCISD Board voted, unanimously, to fund the defense of CCISD with some restrictions. Even Hicks' buddy Scott Bowen voted in favor of the resolution. Hicks makes not mention of the grievance filed against Bowen for....wait for it.....conflict of interest in this legal situation. 

So Hicks needs to either go back and take a refresher course on Facebook U, or just shut the f*uck up.

The entire Facebook thread can be viewed here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

CCISD comes to a decision on the Dawson v Cejka lawsuit

Well that was interesting.

CCISD had a special board meeting last night to vote on a couple of issues, funding the legal response to the Dawson election lawsuit and appointing an individual to lead the grievance hearing against Trustee Scott Bowen.

The board voted to fund the defense of the lawsuit filed by the loser, in the CCISD election Misty Dawson, specifically in reference to a CCISD employee who was named in the suit. Since the lawsuit named a CCISD employee the board now has authority to fund the defense and voted to do so, unanimously with Cejka abstaining. According to Trustee Larson once the suit focuses on Cejka specifically the funding can come to a stop. I can't see that happening since Cejka did not run the elections, is not being accused of rigging the election, and did nothing but run in the election. Even if the lawsuit is successful Cejka cannot void the election, cannot order a new election, and can't run a new election. Why Dawson and Bowen thought suing Cejka was legally sound is beyond me.

In the other vote, the board voted to appoint someone to hear the formal grievance filed against Trustee Scott Bowen concerning his conflict of interest in the Dawson v Cejka lawsuit. That has been covered before and the vote was also unamimous with Bowen abstaining.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Grievance filed against CCISD Trustee

This is what happens when CCISD is flooded with outside, unlimited, partisan money.

An official grievance has been filed against CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen for his conflict of interest in the past election resulting in a lawsuit by the loser against the winner, Jessica Cejka. For background:

After the election for CCISD the loser, Misty Dawson, filed a lawsuit against Jessica Cejka demanding that she voids the election, conduct a new one, and give her $100,000. The suit was NOT against CCISD who actually conducted the election. Since the suit has been filed Scott Bowen has been running point on behalf of Dawson. Based upon his comments during the last Board meeting it is clear Bowen is compromised and should recuse himself from all further discussion concerning the issue.

Bowen should recuse himself for a number of reasons including:

  1. Based upon his comments during the last CCISD board meeting it is clear he is coordinating with the attorney for Misty Dawson and should never be involved in closed door discussions concerning this lawsuit
  2. This attorney for Dawson was the former general counsel of the Texas Republican Party
  3. The TRP endorsed Bowen
  4. Bowen is the lead for candidate recruitment for the Harris County Republican Party
  5. Bowen recruited Dawson
  6. Bowen campaigned for Dawson
  7. The HCRP listed on their campaign finance report that they supported both Dawson and Bowen
  8. The HCRP paid for a mailer for the campaign
  9. Bowen has a clear interest in this case in order to have a 4th vote for him to become the President of the board, a vote he lost by one vote
  10. Just the appearance of a conflict of interest should be enough for Bowen to recuse himself from participating in any discussion, vote, or decision concerning Dawson v Cejka
Below is the email sent to the legal office of CCISD concerning the grievance. 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Galveston County's Oligarch: State Representative "Money" Mayes Middleton

From WikiMedia Commons
CNN recently aired a show, Deep in the Pockets of Texas, which highlighted the unlimited money donated to republican causes by just two billionaires. Galveston County has their own oligarch in State Representative "Money" Mayes Middleton.

Over the last 8 years Money donated $8.1 Million to various organizations and candidates, including himself. In 2018 he spent nearly $2 Million of his own money to win a State Representative seat that should have cost $400,000 if it was competitive. (It wasn't). As of today he has spent over $5 Million on his own campaigns.

Money Mayes considers himself a Christian Conservative but donates money to State Representative Lacy Hull. According to Texas Scorecard, Hull's husband filed for divorce right after her election claiming she had and affair with State Representative Cole Hefner. Money donated $10,000 to her campaign. He also donated $30,000 to State Representative Valerie Swanson who was also caught up in this sordid affair.

Then there is State Representative Tony Tinderholt. According to the Houston Chronicle Tinderholt has been married FIVE times! So much for the "sanctity of marriage" bullshit. Money donated $7,500 to his campaign. 

Other interesting donations include $13,000 to True Texas Project a conspiracy theory group promoting the "Big Lie". $50,000 to a home school PAC, $100,000 to Texans for Lawsuit Reform, $186,000 to State Representative Carrie Isaac for her reelection campaign, $300,000 to Louie Gohmert in his failed attempt at the Texas Attorney General race, $76,000 to the Galveston County Republican Party to keep it afloat, $302,000 to the now defunct Empower Texas

He also gave over $151,000 to the Texas Windstorm Action Committee which is strange and over $53,000 to Little Baby Briscoe Cain for various activities.

I've posted the entire list here.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Donating Campaign Cash: The Texas Oligarchs Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks (CNN follow up)

CNN aired a segment titled Deep in the Pockets of Texas. It focused on two billionaires funneling money into various candidates and PACs. Here is a breakdown of their contributions in Texas.

Farris Wilks. Wilks is the owner of an oil company in Cisco Texas. Over the last 8 years he has donated over $10 Million to various candidates, elected officials and PACs. $2,481,000 to the Texas Right to Life PAC, $201,000 to the Texas Home School Coalition, $273,000 to that fat bastard Jonathan S. Stickland, $425,000 to Ken Paxton, $453,444 to Mike Lang nearly his entire campaign fundraising activity. 

Farris and his wife donated $1,125,000 to Jon Francis in his losing effort for a State House seat. Francis raised $1,435,905 with $80,000 in loans. 

He donated $1.8 Million to the now defunct Empower Texas and $2.2 Million to Defend Texas Liberty PAC which couple with 2 other donors accounted for most of the donations.

Timothy Dunn. Dunn is an oil and gas executive. He donated a total of over $18 Million over the last 8 years. He financed the down defunct Empower Texas for a total of $7,727,500. $5,365,000 went to Defend Liberty PAC. $670,000 went to Ken Paxton.

$2,481.000 was donated to the Texas Right to Life PAC and $407,000 to State Representative Tony Tinderholt who has been married 5 times, twice to one person. 

He donated $1,700,000 to Shelley Luther in her failed attempt at a State House seat. She is the hairdresser that defied quarantine orders during COVID. $1,200,000 was to pay off her personal loan for the campaign.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen should recuse himself from the CCISD lawsuit

After the election for CCISD the loser, Misty Dawson, filed a lawsuit against Jessica Cejka demanding that she voids the election, conduct a new one, and give her $100,000. The suit was NOT against CCISD who actually conducted the election. Since the suit has been filed Scott Bowen has been running point on behalf of Dawson. Based upon his comments during the last Board meeting it is clear Bowen is compromised and should recuse himself from all further discussion concerning the issue.

Bowen was also on the ballot during the time that Dawson claimed election fraud. If a new election is required his position must be on the ballot which creates one of many conflicts of interest. Bowen recruited Dawson. He is the lead of school board candidate recruitment for the Harris County Republican Party. Dawson's attorney was the general counsel of the Texas Republican Party. The Republican Party endorsed Bowen. The Republican Party donated to Bowen and Dawson. Bowen campaigned for Dawson. If Dawson, who is one of the worst candidates ever to apply for the position, would win it would give Bowen the necessary votes to become President of the Board. 

Based upon his "legal" comments during the meeting it is clear he is working with the Dawson legal team. Bowen has been in closed door session discussing legal issues concerning this situation and I would bet he  is conspiring with the Dawson legal team and providing confidential information. This cannot stand.

Bowen must recuse himself from all discussions and votes concerning these matters.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen's legal coordinated assault against CCISD

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Scott Bowen is a dick and he is coordinating the lawsuit against Jessica Cejka.

Misty Dawson lost a very close election to Jessica Cejka. So instead of asking for a recount, like most losers do, she ran to Scott Bowen and filed a lawsuit demanding $100,000, to void the election, and to have another one. To muddle this situation, on purpose, they filed the suit against Jessica, NOT the school district.

So now Bowen, who seems to have gained his law degree over the last week or so, is defending Dawson's decision to file the suit against Jessica therefore the school district cannot, by law, pay for Jessica's defense. This is a setup. I bet Bowen, Davis, and Larson are all working with Dawson's attorney. They have organized people to talk at the meeting in support of the lawsuit. Bowen even referenced their comments. This is all a setup up.

I have to agree with Cottrell's comment about being bullied by those with money. Scott Bowen has money from the Republican Party to challenge these elections by filing against individuals. Bowen spent over $20,000 an obscene amount of money for a school district. All overs spent a couple of thousand. 

This is a coordinated setup against the district, against the taxpayers, and against anyone who runs for office against Scott Bowen's supported candidate. Dawson went straight to a lawsuit with the help of the former attorney of the Republican Party. They have deep pockets. They have unlimited resources with millionaires and billionaires firmly behind them. 

It is sad. Jessica is probably one of the best to ever run for the school district and Bowen is supporting the loser who is the absolute worst candidate to ever run for office.

You can watch Bowen kiss the republican party's ass here. It is about 30 minutes long.