Friday, July 29, 2022

Donating Campaign Cash: The Texas Oligarchs Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks (CNN follow up)

CNN aired a segment titled Deep in the Pockets of Texas. It focused on two billionaires funneling money into various candidates and PACs. Here is a breakdown of their contributions in Texas.

Farris Wilks. Wilks is the owner of an oil company in Cisco Texas. Over the last 8 years he has donated over $10 Million to various candidates, elected officials and PACs. $2,481,000 to the Texas Right to Life PAC, $201,000 to the Texas Home School Coalition, $273,000 to that fat bastard Jonathan S. Stickland, $425,000 to Ken Paxton, $453,444 to Mike Lang nearly his entire campaign fundraising activity. 

Farris and his wife donated $1,125,000 to Jon Francis in his losing effort for a State House seat. Francis raised $1,435,905 with $80,000 in loans. 

He donated $1.8 Million to the now defunct Empower Texas and $2.2 Million to Defend Texas Liberty PAC which couple with 2 other donors accounted for most of the donations.

Timothy Dunn. Dunn is an oil and gas executive. He donated a total of over $18 Million over the last 8 years. He financed the down defunct Empower Texas for a total of $7,727,500. $5,365,000 went to Defend Liberty PAC. $670,000 went to Ken Paxton.

$2,481.000 was donated to the Texas Right to Life PAC and $407,000 to State Representative Tony Tinderholt who has been married 5 times, twice to one person. 

He donated $1,700,000 to Shelley Luther in her failed attempt at a State House seat. She is the hairdresser that defied quarantine orders during COVID. $1,200,000 was to pay off her personal loan for the campaign.

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