Wednesday, July 27, 2022

CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen should recuse himself from the CCISD lawsuit

After the election for CCISD the loser, Misty Dawson, filed a lawsuit against Jessica Cejka demanding that she voids the election, conduct a new one, and give her $100,000. The suit was NOT against CCISD who actually conducted the election. Since the suit has been filed Scott Bowen has been running point on behalf of Dawson. Based upon his comments during the last Board meeting it is clear Bowen is compromised and should recuse himself from all further discussion concerning the issue.

Bowen was also on the ballot during the time that Dawson claimed election fraud. If a new election is required his position must be on the ballot which creates one of many conflicts of interest. Bowen recruited Dawson. He is the lead of school board candidate recruitment for the Harris County Republican Party. Dawson's attorney was the general counsel of the Texas Republican Party. The Republican Party endorsed Bowen. The Republican Party donated to Bowen and Dawson. Bowen campaigned for Dawson. If Dawson, who is one of the worst candidates ever to apply for the position, would win it would give Bowen the necessary votes to become President of the Board. 

Based upon his "legal" comments during the meeting it is clear he is working with the Dawson legal team. Bowen has been in closed door session discussing legal issues concerning this situation and I would bet he  is conspiring with the Dawson legal team and providing confidential information. This cannot stand.

Bowen must recuse himself from all discussions and votes concerning these matters.

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