Saturday, July 30, 2022

Galveston County's Oligarch: State Representative "Money" Mayes Middleton

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CNN recently aired a show, Deep in the Pockets of Texas, which highlighted the unlimited money donated to republican causes by just two billionaires. Galveston County has their own oligarch in State Representative "Money" Mayes Middleton.

Over the last 8 years Money donated $8.1 Million to various organizations and candidates, including himself. In 2018 he spent nearly $2 Million of his own money to win a State Representative seat that should have cost $400,000 if it was competitive. (It wasn't). As of today he has spent over $5 Million on his own campaigns.

Money Mayes considers himself a Christian Conservative but donates money to State Representative Lacy Hull. According to Texas Scorecard, Hull's husband filed for divorce right after her election claiming she had and affair with State Representative Cole Hefner. Money donated $10,000 to her campaign. He also donated $30,000 to State Representative Valerie Swanson who was also caught up in this sordid affair.

Then there is State Representative Tony Tinderholt. According to the Houston Chronicle Tinderholt has been married FIVE times! So much for the "sanctity of marriage" bullshit. Money donated $7,500 to his campaign. 

Other interesting donations include $13,000 to True Texas Project a conspiracy theory group promoting the "Big Lie". $50,000 to a home school PAC, $100,000 to Texans for Lawsuit Reform, $186,000 to State Representative Carrie Isaac for her reelection campaign, $300,000 to Louie Gohmert in his failed attempt at the Texas Attorney General race, $76,000 to the Galveston County Republican Party to keep it afloat, $302,000 to the now defunct Empower Texas

He also gave over $151,000 to the Texas Windstorm Action Committee which is strange and over $53,000 to Little Baby Briscoe Cain for various activities.

I've posted the entire list here.

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