Monday, August 01, 2022

Grievance filed against CCISD Trustee

This is what happens when CCISD is flooded with outside, unlimited, partisan money.

An official grievance has been filed against CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen for his conflict of interest in the past election resulting in a lawsuit by the loser against the winner, Jessica Cejka. For background:

After the election for CCISD the loser, Misty Dawson, filed a lawsuit against Jessica Cejka demanding that she voids the election, conduct a new one, and give her $100,000. The suit was NOT against CCISD who actually conducted the election. Since the suit has been filed Scott Bowen has been running point on behalf of Dawson. Based upon his comments during the last Board meeting it is clear Bowen is compromised and should recuse himself from all further discussion concerning the issue.

Bowen should recuse himself for a number of reasons including:

  1. Based upon his comments during the last CCISD board meeting it is clear he is coordinating with the attorney for Misty Dawson and should never be involved in closed door discussions concerning this lawsuit
  2. This attorney for Dawson was the former general counsel of the Texas Republican Party
  3. The TRP endorsed Bowen
  4. Bowen is the lead for candidate recruitment for the Harris County Republican Party
  5. Bowen recruited Dawson
  6. Bowen campaigned for Dawson
  7. The HCRP listed on their campaign finance report that they supported both Dawson and Bowen
  8. The HCRP paid for a mailer for the campaign
  9. Bowen has a clear interest in this case in order to have a 4th vote for him to become the President of the board, a vote he lost by one vote
  10. Just the appearance of a conflict of interest should be enough for Bowen to recuse himself from participating in any discussion, vote, or decision concerning Dawson v Cejka
Below is the email sent to the legal office of CCISD concerning the grievance. 

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