Saturday, July 09, 2022

How much did Christine Parizo's recount cost CCISD taxpayers

Glad you asked.... Parizo lost by 25 percentage points in 2021 to Jay Cunningham. It was clearly a no contest. After her epic defeat she demanded a recount, complained to the Texas Attorney General's office, and forced CCISD to spend resources to respond. The cost to tax payers? $44,590. 

Now Misty Dawson, another loser in the CCISD elections, has filed suit asking the courts to declare the 2022 election void and to require another election. She also asked for $100,000 cash money. Parizo never filed suit. Dawson's suit will now require the district to spend taxpayers money on legal fees. 

Here is the information request concerning Parizo:

1) Cost of the recount(s) requested by Christina Parizo in her epic loss to Jay Cunningham

2) Cost to CCISD to provide information concerning the multiple open records requests submitted by Christina Parizo in reference to her epic loss to Jay Cunningham.

3) Cost of responding to the Texas Attorney General’s investigation/ complaint filed by

And the response from CCISD:

1) Clear Creek ISD paid $2,690 in May of 2021 for the recount and $2,690 for HART to return in September 2021 to retrieve internal memory data from the eSlates. Total cost for the recount would be $5,380. Ms. Parizo paid $335 which covered the pay to the recount committee and a service fee. CCISD only paid for HART’s services.

2) Clear Creek ISD employees have spent approximately 28 hours gathering responsive information and redacting protected information.

 3) Clear Creek ISD paid $30,830.34 on investigations/complaints filed by Ms. Parizo.

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