Sunday, July 10, 2022

After SCOTUS ruling school's football team renamed to "The Christians"

Pic from the LATimes.
This really could be fun!

The football team and booster club of the high school behind the Supreme Court ruling allowing a coach to lead a prayer at the 50 yard line for the team has renamed the team to The Christians. According to the team's new coach "The name adequately represents the members of the team, at least most of them." The President of the booster club also claims "This new name will bring new ways to support our team while praising our Lord Jesus Christ!" She released a list of ideas for fans attending the game:

  • Fans can dress up as priests and nuns and even popes.
  • Kids can dress like altar boys
  • Rosaries will be distributed to replace spirit towels.
  • Bibles will be passed out instead of bobble heads
  • When faced with 4th and long fans will be encourages to say the Hail Mary
  • Chants of "Crucify Them! Crucify Them!" 
  • Special events will be planned when The Christians play The Lions
  • Prior to the game the rosary will be prayed on the 50 yard line
  • Cheerleaders will be dressed like nuns
  • Teams will run out of their lockers under the fog of burning ashes
  • Attending a game on Saturday will count towards attending church on Sunday
"We look forward to our fans coming out and supporting the team and celebrating the Christian religion much like the fans at the Washington Redskins used to do. After our prayer on the 50 yard line we hope our Christian team knocks the living shit out of our fuckin opponents. Amen."

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