Thursday, May 26, 2022

In other news: CCISD Board Member fails vote for leadership. 3 times.

While we are waiting for the Republican Party to find their moral compass, here is an update from the last CCISD meeting.

Scott Bowen spent somewhere along the lines of $50,000 to get re-elected. Even after spending $50,000 he couldn't break 50% of the vote (48%). More than 50% of the voters in this election wanted someone else besides Bowen to be on the CCISD School Board.

It also spread to the board itself. Bowen was nominated for President of the Board and failed. He was nominated for VP and failed. He was nominated for Secretary and failed. Usually you are not nominated unless you know you have the votes to win. Someone forgot to give Bowen that memo.

Thanks to the Board Members for keeping Bowen in the shadows where he belongs. Bowen was only 41 votes shy of being the President. If Misty Dawson had been elected she would have been the deciding vote. Dawson has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, candidate ever to run for the board.

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