Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Kim Olson for Texas Democratic Party Chair

Sometimes a change is necessary. That time is now.

I remember voting for Gilberto Hinojosa many years ago. He was a great choice then and did a great job for many years but it is time for the party to move on and do something different. As with every issue facing our state whether it is gun safety, immigration, civil rights, women rights, etc, etc, we are not moving in the right direction. It is time to do something different.

Kim Olson is running for the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. Kim's resume is outstanding. Take a minute to review it here. She has been involved in the party for many years, running for Texas Agriculture Commission and Congress, and advocating for Democratic issues. (See her video here. It's a good one.) Running for office requires raising money. Running the Party also requires raising money as well as enthusiasm.  I am confident she has the ability to raise money for the party. Kim is tough, battle tested. Unlike many who have run for office and lost, Kim is still here, still working to make our Party and our State better. 

We should all thank Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa for his years of service to the Democratic Party. He has served our Party honorably. Kim is up for election on Saturday. I believe the Party will be represented well by Kim Olson if elected.

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