Wednesday, July 13, 2022

League City women [did NOT] celebrate the retirement of CCISD Superintendent

So in a previous post, which has since been deleted, I referred to a picture from a tweet. The Twit claimed these women were celebrating the retirement of the CCISD Superintendent due to an illness in the family and setting their sights on Trustee Jay Cunningham. It seems that this is NOT an accurate description of those in the picture.

This pic has since been removed from this Twit's account probably because someone in the picture requested it. I received the following comment:

“Hi, John.  I’m kindly alerting you that your words do not match the context of this picture just FYI.  This photo was misrepresented on another post as well. You might want to consider removing this.  I know for a fact they were under the premise that they were taking a picture to send to a friend who was unable to be in attendance.  I also know at least three of these women have/had zero issues with Williams specifically and would never knowingly take a photo celebrating his departure.  Just giving you full context.”

The Twit seems to be taking credit for the Superintendent leaving and have set their sights on CCISD Trustee Jay Cunningham. Jay beat Christine Parizo by 25% points in 2021. Parizo cost the district at least $45,000 due to repeated requests for public information and requests by the Texas Attorney Generals office. In the end she still lost and was eventually escorted out of a board meeting after Jay read a letter from the Attorney General emphasizing "This investigation is CU-LOSED!". Jay has performed very well for the district and should be able to hold the seat by another large margin.

So I would bet this Twit will probably get behind Parizo in 2023. If elected the Republican Party will be able to finally take over the CCISD board joining Davis, Larson, and Bowen and bring real family values to the district, like targeting teachers and parents who are divorced, coaches having affairs,  those who have remarried and others who are violating the sanctity of marriage. 

So I'm glad that this picture was incorrectly captioned and removed by the Twit. 

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